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Nidodileda… once you spell it right, you won’t forget it!

According to Dante’s Comedy, Nidodileda (Nido di leda) symbolizes “Leda’s nest”. Leda was Zeus’s mistress and mother of his twin sons, Castor and Pollux (known together as Dioscuri). Castor and Pollux were awarded a constellation, Gemini, for their brotherly love, and that constellation lays in Nidodileda.


Morrisey embroidered shorts

ColorMultiSizeS/M, M/L

€49,00 98,00

Eve embellished waist chain


€47,00 52,00

Morrisey Slit Pants

ColorMultiSizeS/M, M/L

€70,00 140,00

Little King Cross Body & WaistBag


€70,00 95,00

Bluemaddox top dress


€59,00 117,00

Lucien crochet pants

ColorWhiteSizeS/M, M/L

€84,00 168,00

avalon sand suede belt bag


€83,00 92,00

daydream wrap pants


€69,00 137,00

Nightingail Silk Scarf


€13,00 15,00

Holyday Silk Scarf bright green

ColorLight GreenSizeOS

€13,00 15,00

Eden Floral Playsuit Black


€56,00 111,50

Eden Floral Playsuit Beige


€56,00 111,50

River Cut Out Printed Bikini

ColorBronzeSizeS/M, M/L

€50,00 100,00

Sugar Printed Swimsuit

ColorOff WhiteSizeOS

€50,00 97,50

Cocotail slit Cover-up light blue

ColorLight GreenSizeOS

€39,00 77,90

Cocotail slit Cover-up pink


€39,00 77,90

Forever Fringed Dress

ColorNude, NudeSizeS/M, M/L

€159,00 265,00

Starlight Sheer Mini Dress

ColorOff WhiteSizeOS

€63,00 125,50

Hazel Paisley Button-Up Maxi Dress


€84,00 167,50

noel dress



York Knit Dress



Melanie Mustard dress


€133,00 190,00

Pinklily pleated dress



Fishes Sheer Velvet Button Up Dress


€84,00 168,00

Nidodileda is not only about clothing.
It's a philosophy, an idea which makes you feel free… #nidoblog curated by Marianna Serveta
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12 Sep

Lunar Eclipse Elements

What is it that makes people enchanted by glow? What is it that makes them slow down when passing by small, light bulbs in the middle of the night when they have so much light spread over everything around them, during the day? Is it the light’s attitude when it concentrates itself in small spaces and proudly stands against cosmic darkness, laughing at this world of dust, that makes it so special? Or is it that despite its evanescent, slender character, it still finds the way to celebrate its multifold nuances which signal its gradual surcease?

09 Aug

What the water gave me

Time it took us
To where the water was
That’s what the water gave me
And time goes quicker
Between the two of us
Oh, my love, don’t forsake me
Take what the water gave me