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Nidodileda… once you spell it right, you won’t forget it!

According to Dante’s Comedy, Nidodileda (Nido di leda) symbolizes “Leda’s nest”. Leda was Zeus’s mistress and mother of his twin sons, Castor and Pollux (known together as Dioscuri). Castor and Pollux were awarded a constellation, Gemini, for their brotherly love, and that constellation lays in Nidodileda.


matilde velvet mini dress


€112,00 224,00

filiberto wrap dress

ColorBlackSizeS/M, M/L

€175,00 350,00

enzo embroidered midi dress

ColorRustic BrownSizeS/M, M/L

€98,00 196,00

gemma lace embroidered midi dress


€147,00 294,00


ColorDijonSizeS/M, M/L

€119,00 238,00



€98,00 196,00

Victoria brocade jacket

ColorRoyal GreenSizeOS

€70,00 140,00

peppe pinstripe wide leg trousers

ColorDijonSizeS/M, M/L

€77,00 154,00

Aiden Fringe-cape dress


€56,00 189,00

Morrisey Slit Pants


€42,00 140,00

Big Al Maxi dress


€50,00 167,50

Muse Swimsuit

ColorBlack, White, Bronze, OliveSizeS/M, M/L

€69,00 138,00

aylin lace bralette

ColorBlackSizeOS, M/L

€25,00 50,00

Muse Bikini

ColorBlack, White, Bronze, OliveSizeS/M, M/L

€58,00 117,00

arwen lace slit dress

ColorOff WhiteSizeOS

€84,00 168,00

Hero Dress


€56,00 187,00

Nidodileda is not only about clothing.
It's a philosophy, an idea which makes you feel free… #nidoblog curated by Marianna Serveta
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11 Dec

A whiff of morning air

A whiff of morning air She moves in the morning sun, invisible as anyone She doesn’t know much about kisses, but she can assure you that hers are no less fierce than a swarm of bullets tearing the air Her omnipresence is dire She breathes out, and she enters you: You exhale and enter into her. Film made by Amanda Ekström Curated by Marianna Serveta ft. "Filomena" velvet dress, "Domenico" sheer top dress. www.nidodileda.com

14 Nov

The Naiad

A girl named Naiad, strong beautiful but sad and vulnerable at the same time.She lives near the lake.She sings her own songs.She reads her mind through words and sees her self through photographs.Her sad dirty eyes can talk to you.Can you hear her?

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