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These present Terms and Conditions of Use and Sales, which include the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy, (hereinafter the “Terms” or the “General Terms” or “Terms of Use”), set the terms and conditions under which you, under any capacity, ie. the viewer, user, visitor, consumer, (hereinafter “You”, or the “User”, or “yours”), visit and/or use the context and the Services (ie. Register to receive newsletter, purchase from the e-shop) and is the sale contract you have with Us for the purchase of the Products from the e-shop.
Before You enter the website, and make use of any of the Services herein, please make sure that You have read, understood and agree with the General Terms. In case You disagree with any of the terms and provision or with the General Terms in total, You may not make use of any of the Services herein, including browsing in the website, or purchase a Product. In case You need any clarifications regarding the Terms, or You have any inquiries etc.  in relation to the Terms, You can contact through email, social media, telephone etc , as You will see in Section Contact Us of the Website.   
In case You disagree partially or as a whole, please do not continue any use of the website, including submission of an order to purchase Products from the e-shop. You acknowledge and agree that any use of the Services herein including the submission of an order in the e-shop, constitutes a confirmation of Your consent of the General Terms.
We recommend Your regular visit of the General Terms in order to check for any amendments, since we retain the right at Our sole discretion to amend, delete, add, adjust the General Terms partially or in total, and/or the Policies contained herein and/ or the Services and or the technical characteristics, features and functions of the Website, (herein the “Amendments”), or to proceed to any Amendments imposed by Laws, without Your permission and/or consent or even without any prior notification, however any such Amendment will be within the legal and ethical limits. We shall notify You for any Amendments as per above, via the Website and any such Amendments will be in force form the date they are posted on the Website. It is clarified that any Amendments do not apply to Orders submitted to the e-shop or any use of the Services herein prior to their enforcement as per above. In any case You have any inquiries related to the Amendments and or You need any clarifications, please contact us through email, social media, telephone etc, as You will see in Section Contact us of the Website. You acknowledge and agree that any use of the Services herein including the submission of an order in the e-shop, after the coming onto force of any Amendment, constitutes a confirmation of Your acceptance of the General Terms.
It should be noted that any information/clarification with reference to the Terms Our Customer Care departments provides You with, does not supplement or amend any provision of the General Terms, since it is given to help you to understand the Terms, while the General Terms are and remain the only valid contract between Us.
We retain the right at any time, without any prior right to notify You, and/or any justification, to postpone, terminate, delay any or all the Services provided herein or any and all of the Products on sale in the s-shop.
You are solely responsible for the Use of the Website and the e-shop.



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We accept orders through our online shop and over telephone. We also receive or process orders sent via email or through our Social Media direct messages. In addition, any notification on the return document of a wish-list product, is not considered as an order that falls under the present General Terms & Conditions of Sales. Therefore, the present General Terms and Conditions of Sales (the “Terms of Sale”) apply only to orders made through the e-shop or via telephone.


We via the Website/ Online Shop, display, promote and sell only to consumers, our products, which include clothes, shoes and accessories (the “Products”).
All information related to the Products displayed on the e-shop are true, accurate and up to date and the photographs are true and realistic photos of the Products, however, all the above warranties are subject to technical and/or typographical errors, which cannot be foreseen or checked, or may have been made due to malfunctions of the Website or due to force majeure events, out of our control.
As far as the availability of our Products is concerned, we take all appropriate technical and practical measures to ensure that this information is accurate, however we expressly reserve any liability arising out of false information as to the Product availability, since the updates are received within one (1) hour from the time an amendment has been made. For any error in the Products prices, please see Section IIΙ.Γ.2.4 herein below.
We reserve the right to choose the Products we display, promote and sell on our e-shop, whereas we have to right to amend from time to time the Products or to remove or replace some of them, without any warning or prior notification to you. Same applies to any offers, sales prices, or invoicing process, since such right lies within our own control and discretion.
All Products are displayed, promoted and sold only for your personal use and not for your commercial purposes.


2.1    Submission of Orders – Conclusion of Sales Contract

You can use the categories CLOTHES (ALL, TOPS, BOTTOMS, DRESSES, OUTERWEAR, LINGERIE, ACCESSORIES, SALES) in the Menu in order to find what you are looking for. You can check on the Products by clicking on the icon / link “CART” on the top right of the website. You can remove Products from the CART before you submit the Order.
To conclude your Order, You have to provide Us with some personal details regarding the payments, delivery etc. More precisely you add your name, surname, email address, mobile telephone, date of birth (optional), Shipping Address, Shipping Postal code, Shipping City, Shipping Country, Shipping Comments (Optional).
Your registration as a Member and the creation of your personal Account at our e-shop is not a prerequisite for placing an Order and buy a Product from e-shop. However, by having an Account in the e-shop you can have access to all Orders placed at the e-shop. You can also trace an Order through courier’s website by using the trace number that we have to send you.

The process of opening an Account in the e-shop is fast and easy. You submit to us the following data First Name, Last Name, Country, Email address, Password, Confirm Password, Date of birth (optional). Your Registration as a Member is free, personal and cannot be assigned or transferred. You are the sole responsible for the personal data you submit to Us and we are based on the data you provide Us with. We use Your personal data only for the creation of Your Account and for the delivery of the purchased goods (including contacting you, receiving payment etc), as well as for the delivery to You of Our Newsletters and other advertising messages. We use Your personal data in accordance with Our Privacy Policy, which You warrant and represent that You have read and unconditionally agree.

Your participation as a Member is feasible only if You are above the age of eighteen (18), provided that You have the legal capacity to enter into such a transaction with Us.
You can Order at any time and day with no exclusion.

Upon placing Your Order, You can see Your Order details including information about payment and delivery. If You agree with the Order, You have to accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Then click on the ‘CONCLUSION OF ORDER’ BUTTON’. At this stage Your Order has been submitted to Us. 

You are the solely responsible for submitting Your real data when placing an Order to Us. You also warrant and represent that You are the holder or have legal rights on the payment cards/ accounts details You provide Us with and that there is enough money to cover the value of the purchased Products. We may proceed (however, not obliged to) in an examination process of Your payment details you provide Us with when choosing credit card as a payment method or via Online Providers. In case an error, misleading statement or other problem occurs, We may, at Our sole discretion, reject Your Order.

Upon placing Your Order, you are connected with the Online Payment Provider we co-operate with according to the payment method you have chosen. You can pay with any of the methods referred to in para. III.5 herein below.
When we receive payment, Our system will send you an email at the email address you have provided Us with, which will notify You that we have received the Order, the Products referred on the Order, and all the Order’s details as well as the Order’s allocated number.

When the Order is submitted as per above, We examine whether We can execute the Order as a whole, or We have grounds to reject it, according to the provisions of the present General Terms of Sales. If We are in a position to execute Your Order in its entirety, We arrange to send the ordered Products to the Courier Company We co-operate with or any other Courier, depending on the case. At this stage an email to the electronic address You have submitted with the Order is sent to You which notifies You the number that has been allocated to the ordered Products. With this number You can trace Your Order till the Products are delivered to You at the  shipping address you provided us when submitting the Order.

Time of delivery, depends on several factors, such as the place of delivery, the quantity of the ordered Products, etc. The cost of delivery is fixed depending on the country of destination For more information about the time and costs of delivery, please visit Section III.3 and III.4 respectively.

If upon receipt of Your Order, We notice that there is a lack of any the ordered Products or there is an unexpected delay in its delivery or a Product is not available or any other issue that makes it impossible to execute Your Order in its entirety, or there is a force majeure event, We will contact You at the contact details that You have notified Us on Your Order, to agree with either an amended Oder, or cancellation of Your Order. We hope that We will be able to reach You, however, if in any case this communication with You is not possible within two (2) working days from the day We have notified You that We have received Your Order, We will send You an email notifying You that We can only execute part of Your Order while We cancel the part of the order which cannot be executed by Us. As a result, this email as per above, will constitute the notification email that We have received a revised Order which will be executed. In case You have already paid for the whole Order, We will return to You the amount that corresponds to the Products that have been cancelled, the soonest possible. 

Important Legal Notice: Please note that completion of the online checkout process along with the acknowledgement email that We have received and are processing your order, does not constitute our acceptance of your offer to purchase products from us, even though on the acknowledgement email of your offer, the voucher number allocated by the courier, is depicted. Our acceptance of your order will take place only when we take payment from you (i.e. when your card is credited, and despatch the product(s). Prior to despatch of the product(s), We have the right to decline an order for any reason, including legal and regulatory reasons. It is specified that if your order confirmation message does not include some of the products contained in your order, such products are not part of the sales contract between us. If we cannot supply you with the product you ordered we will not process your order, or If we cannot supply you with any product of your order, we will execute the order without those products, we will inform you of this in writing (including email) and, if you have already paid for the products we cannot deliver, refund you in full as soon as reasonably possible. 

The duration of our contract with you will start from when you receive the order despatch email and last until the last day of your right to cancel the order, or withdrawal or return the products according to these present Terms and Conditions and the applicable laws.

Our Company does not keep records with your orders, so please make sure that you take all due care to maintain records of our communication with reference to the sales contract.

2.2    Orders via Telephone.

You can place an order to e-shop by calling to the telephone numbers indicated to the website All telephone orders are received from Monday to Friday from 10:00am – 16:00pm. During the order call you describe the product you wish to order and you submit to us your payment details as well as delivery information. For the safety and proper execution of your orders, all telephone communication between us are recorded, and constitute a proof of your order as well as a confirmation of receipt and execution of your order. By submitting a telephone order you accept the present Terms and Conditions and policies contained therein, including the Privacy and Data protection Policies.  These Terms and Conditions apply to all telephone orders.

2.3    Your right to cancel an Order

2.3.1    Cancelation by You

You can cancel your order in the following situations:
Before you submit the order, you can select the products you wish to remove from your cart by clicking on the “X” button which activates the removal of selected items.
After the receipt of our acknowledgement email that we have received and are processing your order and before we confirm and dispatch you order, you have two (2) hours where you can cancel your order by sending us an email at or via telephone on +302106135652, from Monday to Friday from 10:00am – 16:00pm. Your email is considered that has been received from us for the purpose hereof, on the next business day, therefore we can cancel your order as per above only if your cancelation email has reached us before we dispatch your products.
In addition in cases where we amend your order as agreed to herein, you can cancel you order either as a whole or partly for those products that cannot be delivered to you.

2.3.2    Cancellation by Us

we reserve the right to cancel your order at any stage and / or the sales contract in the following cases:
Due to a technical error, the product you ordered is not available and the system is not updated, and / or when its supply is not possible anymore by our company for any reason whatsoever;

Due to technical error, the price of the Product or the description of the Product is wrong;
At our sole and absolute discretion, we consider that you are engaged in unfair practices by placing the order, or when you are not making fair use of e-shop ordering system;
Non – payment by you;
Non-acceptance of the Product by you in accordance to these present Terms and Conditions;
The execution of your order is against the Law, Rules and Regulations;
In cases of Force Majeure.
In cases, you have paid for the Products the sale of which has been cancelled, we will return you the money paid with no delays with the same payment method.

2.3.3    Cancellation after the delivery of the Products

After the Products are delivered to you, you can cancel your order by exercising your withdrawal right as agreed to herein in Section III.6. Your refusal to accept the delivered Product, is deemed as you exercise your withdrawal right, for which all relevant provisions agreed to herein, apply.

2.4    Prices

We have taken reasonable precautions to try to ensure that prices quoted on the Website are correct and that all products have been fairly described. However, when ordering products or services through our e-shop, please note that due to technical errors a price of a Product displayed and advertised on may be wrong. After placing your order and before our payment, we check the prices of the ordered Products and in cases we discover that an error has been made, we will contact you as soon as possible and in any case before dispatching the Products of your order. It is upon your sole discretion whether you want to proceed with ordering the Product under their correct current price or to cancel the order. In cases where any communication with you is not possible, we will consider the Order cancelled in those cases.
All prices quoted on the Products on e-shop are in Euros and include VAT. You can see analytically the delivery costs in Section II.4.


3.1    Place of delivery

Products are delivered to the address declared in the Order Form either in Greece, Cyprus, or abroad.

3.2    Means and Time of Delivery

Delivery schedules depends on several factors and there may be delays not attributed to Us. Please read below the conditions applicable in delays. In the Order Form, you can choose either to  have them delivered to you or collect the Products yourself  . Subject to any force majeure conditions or conditions for which we do not control, the followings apply:
Your Products will be delivered as follows:
Within Greece:
Products are delivered within one (1) – two (2) working days.

In European countries:
Products are delivered within 4-5 working days.

In other international countries:

Delivery within 10-15 days.
It must be noted that the cost of delivery varies depending on the destination as per above. For more information about the delivery costs, please visit Section ΙΙΙ.4 «Delivery Costs»

Important notice: All Orders submitted until 3pm. (Greek time), are processed on the same day, otherwise on the next working day. All Orders submitted after 3pm on Friday (Greek time) or during the weekend, are being processed on Monday morning.

The above time schedules may not be applicable in force majeure cases, which may affect the time of delivery.

All Orders are being invoiced through the invoicing system of the courier we co-operate with, therefore it is not possible to deliver the Products to You with a courier of your choice. In cases You have a problem, or you have any inquiries, please contact Us.

Products are deliver between Monday – Friday from 09:00a.m. till 18:00pm.   

3.3    Delays on Delivery

We take all due care for the proper and due delivery of the Products; however, we cannot guarantee it in the below indicative cases (a) the Product has not been delivered to us due to unforeseeable delays or (b) due to force majeure cases, (c) the Product is in lack. In such cases We will contact You to ask if you want to have the rest of the Products delivered to You without the missing one or the one that will be delivered with delays or to propose you an alternative or to inform you about the time of the delivery of the Product in question. If you are not satisfied with our proposals, You have the right to cancel the Order partially or the as a whole and We will return any money you may have paid Us. In any case you can contact us at, where you can also cancel your Order.     
3.4    Liability Upon Delivery

We inform you that we are the sole responsible for any damage and or loss of the Products till You (or a third party other than the carrier and indicated by You acquires physical possession of the product);
If You are not present at the time of delivery in the address You have indicated to Us on the Order at the time that the delivery of the Goods has been scheduled, courier, will try two (2) more times to deliver the Goods. In case of failure of delivery, all Goods are returned to Us and the failed delivery is considered as Your refusal to have the Goods delivered to You. It is agreed, as an exemption to the rule above, that in such cases You are the sole responsible for any loss or damage of the Goods, since the Goods are kept according to the courier’s terms and conditions and upon Your cost.

4. Cost of Delivery

All deliveries within Greece are no shipping cost for the Customer.

For deliveries within European Countries are as follows:
When You have chosen payment on delivery for Greece and Cyprus, for any purchase above 120 Euros, the Goods are delivered at no delivery cost for you.
When You have chosen payment on delivery for Greece and Cyprus, for any purchase below 120 Euros, the delivery cost will be calculated according to the weight of the ordered products with a minimum shipping cost of 9,50 euros.
For deliveries in any other international country costs are as follows:

The delivery cost will be calculated according to the weight of the ordered products with a minimum shipping cost of 10,00 euros


Credit cards or Paypal

You can pay with VISA, MAESTRO, AMERICAN EXPRESS, or MASTERCARD. All transactions are secured with _MASTERCARD SECURE CODE, VERIFIED BY VISA, SAFE KEY, ALPHA E-COMMERCE encryption Systems. In the secure form You must add all the relevant information (kind of the card, number, expiry date, CCV). We use Your payment card data only for the said transaction (payment of the Products). We do not keep the data related to Your card, therefore next time You wish to pay by using the same card, You must enter Your data again. For more information about Our use of Your personal data please visit Our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.


6.1    Conditions for exercising the withdrawal right

You have fourteen (14) calendar days (the “Withdrawal Period”) to withdraw from the purchase of the Products through Our e-shop, without any justification given to Us, reason and/or cause. The Withdrawal Period commences on the next day You or a third party (other than the carrier) nominated by You, acquires physical possession of the ordered Products. In cases of Multiple products ordered that are delivered to You dispatched separately, the Withdrawal Period commences on the next day You or a third party (other than the carrier) nominated by You, acquires physical possession of the first ordered Product. If the Withdrawal Period expired on a weekend or an official Day Off, it is extended to the next working day.

6.2    Procedures for exercising the withdrawal right

Should You decide to exercise the withdrawal right as per clause 6.1 above, You must notify Us about Your decision to withdraw before the expiration of the Withdrawal Period, with a clear statement (i.e. written letter, email etc) which should send to the following contact points:
By certified courier at the below postal address: 1A Levidou str, Kifissia postal code 14562
By telephone call at the Customer Care Department at +302106135652
By email at
Electronically via Our Website by clicking HERE . In case You exercise the withdrawal right electronically, We will send You without delay an email confirming receipt of your withdrawal.
For Your convenience, You can use the MODEL WITHDRAWAL FORM which you could also print and send to Us as per above. The use of the withdrawal form is not compulsory though.  

6.3    Your obligations during withdrawal

In order to meet the deadline of the Withdrawal Period, You must submit your withdrawal order prior to the expiration of the Withdrawal Period as per above. You acknowledge and agree that your withdrawal order is considered to have reached Us on the next working day of the day You have sent it to Us with any of the way agreed to herein above.

In case You have exercised Your withdrawal right as per above, you must return to Us, the Product from the purchase of which you withdraw, without due delay and in any case within the Withdrawal Period and only in cases you wish to have your money credited with us.
The proof of exercising the right to withdraw as per above and in accordance to the law, is Yours.  
The cost for returning of the Products is undertaken by You. For any courier, You must pay directly to them the cost of return.

6.4    Our obligations during withdrawal

If you withdraw from this contract, we shall reimburse to you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (with the exception of the supplementary costs resulting from your choice of a type of delivery other than the type of delivery offered by us), while deducting the cost of returning the Products. We will return your money without delay and in any case within 7 days from the day We have received the Products from the purchase of which You withdraw, subject to conditions agreed to in Section 6.5 below. If you have paid upon delivery, Your money will be returned to the bank account indicated in the order form.

You have the right, not the obligation, instead of having your money returned to you, to choose to credit the amount paid for the returned Products at Your Account in Our e-shop. If that is the case, You must make clear at Your withdrawal form your preference to have the amount credited to Your Account. If You do not make such an explicit choice, We will return the money to You as per the provisions of these General Terms.   

6.5    Return of Products because of the withdrawal.

We may withhold reimbursement until we have received the Products back at the same good condition as You received them, or until You have supplied Us with evidence of having them sent back, whichever happens earlier. If along with the Products from the purchase of which You withdraw You had bought other Products with a discount, You must return to Us these other products as well, otherwise the withdrawal right has not been fully exercised.
You acknowledge and agree that it is Your liability if the value of the returned products has been diminished due to Your use before and while returning them, with the exemption of the use that has been made during the normal course of actions to check the Product. it is clarified that to get your money back in case of withdrawal, the product should be in excellent condition and in its original packaging and accompanied by all related documents. We do not accept Products which are returned following the withdrawal and have damages, scratches, and generally they give the impression that they have been used more than what was necessary to check their suitability.
As a matter of clarity all purchased shoes must be tried on a soft carpet, otherwise We do not accept Shoes that they give Us the impression that have been used. Underwear as well as swim wear can only be tried on with the sticker on for health and hygienic reasons and be returned with the sticker on, otherwise We do not accept them and therefore the withdrawal right will be deemed not been fully exercised. Finally, all returned Products must be accompanied with all accounting documents delivered to You, otherwise the withdrawal right will not be deemed to have fully been exercised.


7.1    Your Rights

In case We execute the wrong order or deliver to You defective Products, You retain the right within 7 days from the Product delivery to contact Us to refer the problem of defect and to inform Us about your preference to either have the wrong or defective Product Returned, or to cancel the sale and have Your money returned.
Without prejudice of the withdrawal right and costs of return, We bare the cost of return and new delivery in cases of wrong or defective product. 

You acknowledge and agree that the replacement of the wrong or defective Product is subject to the said Product’s availability. If replacement is not feasible, We will return your money including the delivery costs You may have incurred, subject to the provisions agreed to herein below. We will return your money at no delay and no later than four (4) days from the day the returned products are delivered to Us, subject to conditions agreed to in Section 6.5. The money We return, will be credited in the bank account You declare to Us when notify us about the problem.
The Company is liable for actual defects and lack of agreed properties in accordance with article 5 of law 2251/1994 and article 534 of the Civil Code. Under Civil Code provisions, the following rights apply to you if the product is defective or there is a lack of agreed properties: (a) the right to request repair or replacement of the product (without any charge) with another product; or (b) the right to ask for a reduction in the price or c) the right to withdraw from the sales contract you have entered into with the Company provided that there is a material defect. These rights are provided alternatively without hierarchical classification among them. You are entitled to exercise your rights from the time of delivery of the product and for 2 years.


1. Users/ Consumers Exclusive Liability

You have the exclusive responsibility to make proper, legal and authorized use of the Website and its Services and you bare the obligation to omit any act or action that is or considered to be illegal, unauthorized, or unethical or unfair.
You are the sole and exclusive responsible for the accuracy and legality of the provided information and data you provide to us, as we are not obliged to examine the accuracy of the data and information provided.   

2. Unauthorized and Prohibited Use

You may use this website and service only for lawful purposes. You agree that you shall not upload, post, transmit, share or otherwise make available through, or to, the Services any content or act or omit to act that:
is unlawful, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, offensive, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable;
might infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, rights of publicity, or other proprietary rights of others;
might violate any local, European, or international law, or any rules of any securities exchange, either intentionally or unintentionally, or;
contains any viruses, trojan horses, time bombs, cancelbots, or any other harmful or disruptive computer code, file, or program designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; or
violate any personal data of other Users or ruin the Company’s and its associates reputation.
It is prohibited (a) to gain unauthorized access to any information and/or personal data distributed in the website, or any attempt to provide unauthorized access to any third party to any such information and data; (b) to access and use the website with the aim of developing any product or service that competes ours; (c) to reproduce, copy, modify, distribute, market, display, transfer, sublicense, prepare derivative work(s) or adaptation(s) based on, sell, exchange, barter, transfer, or otherwise make available in any form or by any means, except for the express limited Permitted Uses, all or any portion of the Services or any Information And Content retrieved therefrom or present, archive, cache, frame, scrape, or mirror any Information And Content from any part of the Services within another web site, except with express written permission from; (d) copy, disassemble, decompile, translate, reverse engineer or otherwise reduce the Services software or use any network monitoring or discovery software to determine the network and/or computer architecture, except as permitted by mandatory rules of applicable law that cannot be applied by contract
It is also prohibited to remove, disable, defeat, or change any functionality or appearance of the Services or intentionally alter the format in which data is provided by or otherwise circumvent the Services' regular interfaces to such data; or to upload, post, transmit, share, or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, solicitations, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters", "pyramid schemes", or any other form of solicitation, bulk e-mail, or duplicative messages.

Your connection to the website is based on your option and choice the telecommunications supplier.

3. Limitation of Liability and Guarantees

The service (including, without limitation, any content) is provided "as is" and "as available” and is without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and any warranties implied by any course of performance or usage of trade, all of which are expressly disclaimed.

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In addition we do not warrant that: (α) the results of using the service will meet your requirements; or (b) that the service is efficient for the purpose of use; (c) you will use the service properly and in line with the terms of use.

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4. Indemnification

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1. Customer Identification

We acknowledge the importance of having your personal data and your online transactions secured, therefore we take all necessary measures and adopt the most modern and advanced methods in order to ensure maximum safety for you. Information related to your and constitute your personal data and all transactions related to you are secure and confidential. Security of our Online Shop is achieved with the measures we have taken to ensure the confidentiality of your transactions in e-shop, as described in both of payment clause and below.

The passwords used to identify you are the following: username, email and a personal identification number (password), that each time you enter, they provide you with secure access to your personal data.

2. Trade Secret

We keep your data and your transactions confidential . All information provided through our e-shop are confidential and the Company has taken all necessary steps to use them only to the extent necessary for the provision of the Service. Some of the measures adopted by us are the following:

a. Only authorized employees have access to information of your transaction and only when necessary, i.e. to process your requests/ orders.
b. We do not disclose customer information and transactions, unless there is written authorization by you or by court order or decision of any public authority.
c. If we use third parties to support our systems, ensures the guarantee of confidentiality on their part.
d. For your own safety, you will also have to handle all the information provided through the Service as confidential and secret and not to make any disclosure to third parties.


1. Entire Agreement

These Website and Sales General Terms and Conditions set out the entire agreement between you and us and supersede any and all prior terms, conditions, warranties and/or representations to the fullest extent permitted by law.

2. Waiver

The failure of a Party to exercise any right or remedy under this Agreement or enforce strict performance of any right by this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of that right, nor operate to bar the exercise or enforcement of it at any time or times thereafter. If any part of this Agreement by any reason becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable to any extent, this term will not affect any other provision of this Agreement or any other Agreement.

3. Severability

If any part of this Agreement by any reason becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable to any extent, the parties shall in such a case negotiate in good faith in order to interpret, construe or perform such provision to the extent reasonably required to render the same valid, enforceable and consistent with their original intentions as expressed in this Agreement and/or make such provision void to the extent it is held to be invalid or unenforceable and/or retain such provision in effect to the extent that it is not invalid or unenforceable and/or avoid such invalidity or unenforceability to affect any other provision of this Agreement or any other Agreement between the Parties.

4. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The validity and performance of these Website and Sales General Terms and Conditions and any matter that arise out of your use of this Website or arising out of a Sales Contract in the online shop, shall be governed by the Greek Laws and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens, Greece in the event of legal proceedings arising from any dispute. The above shall not apply to the extent that the laws of the country of residence of the customer provide that another law is applicable or another jurisdiction is competent to resolve any disputes arising from the present agreement. As consumers, you can seek protection by Alternative Dispute Resolution Authorities that are abide to qualitative criteria for any kind of dispute that may arise between us.

By virtue of Directive 2013/11 / EC, incorporated in Greek Law by the Joint Ministerial Decision no 70330/2015, the mechanism of electronic dispute resolution of consumer disputes is envisaged, by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure in the European Union. If you act in your capacity as a “consumer” (being a physical person acting outside of his/her professional capacity) and face any type of problem related to any purchase made from our Website, you can initiate the ADR process through the European online dispute resolution platform (platform ODR) available at”.

5. Complains Policy – After Sales Customer Support

You can contact our Customer Care Department by calling at +302106135652 or by email at and with reference to you name and order code number.

TO: The company under the name “NIDODILEDA PRIVATE COMPANY” and the distinctive title “NIDODILEDA P.C”, having its headquarters in 1A Levidou str, Kifissia postal code 14562, VAT no 800562902, Tax Office, with company registration number _________, tel;. +302106135652, email
I/We hereby declare and give notice that I/We withdraw from my/our contract of sale of the following goods ordered on / and received on (date of receipt of goods that withdraws)

(description of the goods)
I/We also hereby warrant and represent that:
  • I/We exercise the relative right of unenforceable withdrawal and return of the goods within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of receipt.
  • The products are in their original condition and have not been used, or suffered any damage.
The undersigned consumer who withdraws and makes the above representations


*Signature of consumer(s) (only if this form is notified on paper)