STOCKHOLM -Gamla stan-

STOCKHOLM -Gamla stan-

The crystal clear reference of our Autumn-winter collection to the 70’s made us -as greatly stated by Robert Browning “trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty”, lend color to the striking effect a city can have on the aesthetics of the people it consists of.

Swedish people in an action of revenge against the long lasting lack of natural colors during winter time, gave their city the downcast ambience Bergman gave to his “Autumn sonata”, by painting it in faded but strong colors. In the movie, even if the autumnal hues could easily be parallelized with a soft, skin-deep mother-daughter relationship, what signals -from a stylistic analysis- their relationship’s rather explosively damaging character is Charlotte’s bright red evening gown. This was enough, at least to my eyes, to reveal Bergman’s view of autumn as a state of transition -in between moderate and passionate feelings, in between washed out and intense colors. Instead of giving this transitional situation pastel, drained colors both Bergman and the Swedish people depicted such contradiction in bleached red, off white brown and faded blue.

At a first glance it is maybe the patterns that give the impression of complexity and intensity but by taking a closer look,  it is clear that even if the colors were on the edge of becoming surreal, they kicked off their shoes and loosened their belts slightly before achieving it, and they decided that they were mellow enough to leave aside such exaggerations and vehemence.

The contradiction named above is also obvious in the decision of the colors in our Autumn-Winter collection. Explosive details in an orgasm of rusty reds, browns and blues interrupt the gradual fading of the colours that otherwise are moving toward more plain winter adaptations. This is something that perfectly reflects the pigments of the buildings’ walls.  A walk around the Old Town of Stockholm was enough to reassure us that even if the Swedish weather does not have October’s ability to make nature blush after its touch, the people have captured some October colours in the heart of their town painting it out of a rusty iridescent palette, similar to the one we used to describe our “Echoes of the rainbow”.

Our palette captured the colors of Stockholm and is ready to travel around, get inspired and enriched by other cities’ beauty.

Curated by Marianna Serveta

Special thanks to Nadja Jonansdotter