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Nido Team

Tonia Mitroudi
Founder & Creative Director

Hello hello! My name is Tonia. I’m called the designer, but that’s just a title. I consider myself a dreamer… a believer and an enormous enthusiast. I keep colors in my head and songs in my soul. As a kid, I never knew what I would be when I grow up… I still don’t. What I do know though is that I cannot stop smiling every single time I catch a dream and follow it. Nidodileda is my biggest dream, for sure. I hope you enjoy the journey together with me. Run wild, run free!

Nadia Mitroudi
Stores & Sales Manager

I’m Nadia; it’s such a pleasure for me to work at Leda’s nest, Nidodileda that is. Since I can remember, I wanted to create characters, images, and roles - I wanted to be an actress. The same way a costume completes a theatrical role I complete Nidodileda’s image at our stockists, ensuring that our brand is harmoniously integrated within each store, in it’s own special way.

Melina Vasileiou
Brand Manager

Hello, I’m Melina! I’ve been a music artist manager for the past 8 years. I believe that most of our life’s experiences are connected to music, to lyrics, and to the clothing we wear – all of these are part of our personal style, attached to and derived from experiences and memories. I’m excited to share with you Nidodileda’s world, a fairy tale like world with a great soundtrack, of course! The colours, clothes, and images of Nidodileda undoubtedly feed the soul. Join me, join us, through this amazing journey!

Joanna Leskow
International Wholesale and Operations Manager

Hi there! I’m Joanna – born and raised in Boston, with Polish roots, and now living in Athens by ways of Los Angeles and London. Ironically, in Europe I’m the iconic American girl whereas in the U.S. I’m always the European girl… This just goes to show, you really can’t put a label on me. My life’s experiences have shaped me out to be a structured free spirit; I promise, it’s possible. My experience in fashion ranges from A-list celebrity styling to retail operations, and just about everything in between. Working for Nidodileda is my newest adventure and I truly cannot wait to introduce this ethereal brand to unique boutiques all over the world.

Leyteris Raptakis
Production and Stock Manager

My name is Leyteris, pronounced Lefteris, and I come from a village in Crete. In my early my dream of becoming an actor brought me to Athens. I graduated from drama school in 2011 and for the following 4 years performed in a variety of roles. As I was searching for my new role, I found myself at Nidodileda. The rest is history. I now have a room full of clothes, not a dressing room but instead an entire stockroom! Those clothes you order? I am the one sending them to you, making sure that you feel beautiful and unique. PS. If you want an autograph all you have to do is ask and you will receive it with your next order.

Marianna Serveta
Sales Representative & NidoBlog Curator

Hey there! I’m a Criminology and Art student based in Stockholm. I have always been interested in people and their ways of acting when nobody is watching. My chosen combination of studies helps me to not confuse symmetry with balance. You are reading about me because I am a sales representative of Nidodileda. Furthermore, my inexhaustible wanderlust provides me with an abundance of beautiful writing material that I share with you on our blog. I can’t tell you where you can find me next, but you can be sure to always find me under a hat.



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